Regain the privacy you deserve

Web Lock

Web lock is password protection for websites just like app lock on the mobile phone. With this browser extension, you can password protect any website that contains your sensitive data, like email, chat, photos, etc. A great fit for parents as well!

Protect Websites

Now it's easier to protect your data on different websites with a single password. Your web, your controll!
No more sneaky visitors!
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Your Own List

Everyone has different priorities and unique perspectives. Only you know what's most important for you. And Web Lock understands this.
So it lets you build your own list of protected websites on your own preference. Because you are the master here and you deserve it!
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One Click Password Recovery
Forgot your web lock password? No worries;
You can use the password recovery form to quickly recover your Web Lock password. You'll have to enter your email address and a verification code sent to your email.
So, don't just forget your email 😉
Still Having problem?
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